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All Maxxed Out
Electric Stampede Home Made Hop Ups

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    Here's the page of Home Made Hop Ups I have made for my Radical Chassis Midwest. As some of you might know the RCM Stampede kit doesn't come with cantilevers anymore. There were a few things that I wasn't too happy with in this truck. The articulation just sucks for how much it costs, and my ground ground clearence was bad.
     For the articulation I took a look at ESP's Floating shock kit for the Clodzilla II. It looked compadible to my truck with the exception of needing different arm's up front. The problem with the Floating shock kit is from what I think over priced. I might buy it or I'll get my own machined (that will probaly cost more). I will probaly just buy ESP's Floating Shock Kit. I will get some custom upper shock mounts that raise it up a bit. That will help with the pede's slouching problem. Occasionally everyone slouches but I must admit it must be changed. With the combination of this it should stand taller and should add articulation. That's a pic below that I made in paint of it. Aren't I taltented? lol


Come Back Soon For More Of My Custom Adaptations For The Electric Stampede