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All Maxxed Out
Traxxas T-Maxx

Welcome To The T-Maxx Page!


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Here are a few pics of my T-maxx.


    I got my T-Maxx about a year ago and have totally hopped it up since then. Right now I'm starting to get more into my electrics than my nitros so all of my nitros are for sale including this one. If you would like to buy it or get any information on it e-mail me,, or IM me on AIM.
    The T-maxx is a very versitile truck that will go anywhere and do anything, rocks, mud, sand, you name it and it will do it. I've loved the truck ever since I owned it back around one and a helf years ago. If you ever wondered if the T-maxx is everything it is cracked up to be, let me tell you now... It is! You'll love it and it is a great truck to start out with, but it does take some maintaining to do with it.
    There are tons of hop ups on the truck, everywhere you look you'll see one. Everything from the tires it stands on to the to the body it flips on it is a very tight truck. Here is a list of hop-ups it has on it.
Stock TQ3 Radio
CS-80 High Torque Steering Servo
O.S. .12 CV-RX
Stock Ported TRX
MIP Stinger Pipe
Motor Saver Air Filter
Chassis/Suspension/Drivetrain Componts
Big Bore Shocks/w 40wt. Oil
Trinity Blue Heavy Springs
Traxxas 16t Clutch Bell
Traxxas Spool (Rear)
MIP Clutch Kit
Steering Components
CS-80 High Torque Servo
Dynamite Ball Bearing Blue Anodized Bell Crank Steering
Kimbrough Large Servo Saver
Pro-Line Maxx Mashers
Pro-line WELD Outback Wheels
Ballistic Stupidity Clod-Maxx Adapters
Full Force Aluminum Tube Bumpers
New Era Aluminum Bottom Braces
New Era Aluminum Bumper Mounts
New Era Aluminum Center Skid Plate
New Era Aluminum Skid Plates
Yellow "School Bus" Hummer Body
Custom Painted Chevy Crew Cab Body
GS Neon Yellow Fuel Line
GS Blue Exhaust Coupler
I'm asking $425 0.b.0. Since I have owned it I have drained over $1400 into this truck. I am the first owner and the truck was very well taken care of.

Come Back Soon To See Updates And More Pics!