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All Maxxed Out
Tamiya Clod Buster

Welcome To The Clod Page!


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    This is a page for my old ESP Clodzilla II monster truck. I sold it to get money for my Electric Stampede. I bought it in June 2001 from Rob, most of us know him as JuggNut. I planned on it being a crawler that I would work on but I ran out of money when I was building it! Yes, funny I know. I've learned don't spend all the money on nice bodies and fancy goodies.  This truck would get about eight inches of articulation, and that is without cantilevers. The ClodZilla II is a truely amazing chassis with home made cantilevers, I have seen them with fourteen inches of articulation with a custom canti system. The ClodZilla II is a great truck.
    Well I was not the original owner of the truck as I stated above. It had never been run and still hasn't been run I don't think, RCRookie currently has it for sale. I never put eletronics in it but it had quite a list of hop-ups. I will just list them in a small list because it isn't as elaborate as my T-maxx, and Electric Stampede etc.
ESP ClodZilla II Chassis
ESP Long Wheel base Kit
ESP Aluminum Body Mounts
ESP Aluminum Lower Tube Bumpers
IMEX Chrome Rims
GS Purple Anodized Wheel Nuts
Traxxas T-Maxx Big Bore Aluminum Shocks
Hotrodical Customs "Hard" Body
There are probaly a couple of other goodies I have forgotton to mention. Bring on the pictures you say? Sounds good, pics below!

Thanks To RCRookie For The Pics!



Come Back Soon For New And Updated Pics!