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All Maxxed Out
Electric Stampede

My RCM-Traxxas Electric Stampede


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     I have pics coming soon. This is the best kit for the Electric Stampede out there, in my opinion that is. It is a full Tube Frame 4x4 kit.
    The kit costs $550 and it comes rolling chassis. Everything but electronics is included. Yes, it comes with gearboxes and everything so you don't even need a Traxxas Electric Stampede before hand. The tube frame is very realistic looking and extremely durable. It will turn heads miles from miles away. 
    Now to what is on my truck. This truck will climb near verticle hills, it has to be one of the wildest Stampedes on the earth. It was apprx. $2000 into it. Here is a list of hop ups as of now.
Electronics -
Hitec HS645 High Torque Metal Geared Servo
CS-80 High Torque Metal Geared Servo
Dual Novak Super Roosters
Trinity Monster Maxx Pro Handwound 550 Motors 17x1
Trinity Zip Metal Hydride Batteries 2500mAh
2400mAh NiCd Matched Packs
Trinity Gold No Solder Leads
Airtronics Radio Gear
Drivetrain -
Kimbrough Spur Gears
RRP Steel Pinions
Traxxas Steel Idler Gears
Traxxas Steel Output Yokes
Custom Locked Rear Diff
T-maxx Sliders
RPM Bearing Carriers
Chassis/Suspension/Steering Components
Radical Chassis Midwest 4x4 Full Tube Frame Kit
Kimbrough Servo Saver
Hitec HS945 High Torque Servo
GS Flourecent Red Ball Ends
Aluminum Big Bore T-maxx Shocks
Trinity Black Very Heavy Springs
IMEX Pullers Clod Size
RCM Custom Clod-o-Pede Chrome Rimes
IMEX Pullers 2.2 Size
Pro-Line Agitators
I have everything but a killer body. You can't have a truck like this and not have a tight as hell wacked-out body. So I decided to have JS Bodies paint me a body. Once I work up the $125 to get the paint slung. I'm pretty sure I will get this scheme below painted on a Pro-Line Cadilac Escalade or a Parma Chevy Blazer. I think the Blazer's wheel Base is a bit short for my Stampede so I will probally go with the Escalade. Hopefully I can get my scanner working so I can upload some pics.







Electric Stampede Home Made Hop Ups

Come Back Soon For Pics